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Rio de Janeiro: Eating and Drinking in the Cidade Maravilhosa

August 02, 2016

Rio de Janeiro: Eating and Drinking in the Cidade Maravilhosa

I dare you not to fall in love with Rio de Janeiro. I know I'm biased because my partner is Brazilian, but Rio really is one of the most intoxicating cities I've ever visited. We were lucky enough to spend a few days there with both our Dads, and it was such a special experience.

Given there is so much (often negative) media attention right now in the lead-up to the Olympics, I realise there are probably lots of people reconsidering their ambition to visit Rio one day. All I can say is this - please don't! Rio is just a good time waiting to happen. Here are some of our tips for making your stay even better...and yes, I'm aware that most of them revolve around eating and drinking (there's a reason for that - it's insanely good).

1. Go to a local juice bar and try 'suco de cajun' (the juice from the fruit of the cashew nut - yes that's actually a thing, and it's amazing).

2. If you can't understand the menu, get the 'prato feito' (rice, black beans, minute steak and an egg - you can't go wrong).

3. Eat anything that involves doce de leite (it's like caramel but a thousand times better).

4. if the choice is between beer and caipirinha, always choose the caipirinha (but don't eat the fruit unless you enjoy three day hangovers).

5. Go to a local football game (but don't freak out if you hear loud banging sounds afterwards - 9 times out of 10 they're fireworks, not guns. Is there a funny story involving my Dad ducking for cover in the suburban streets of Rio? Yes, but I'm not allowed to tell it - although technically I think I just did.

6. Go to Sugarloaf Mountain and take the cable car...because this.

7. Go to a churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ restaurant) for lunch. Some advice: don't eat for four hours beforehand, wear stretchy pants and don't make any afternoon plans unless they involve taking a long nap on the beach and/or quietly chasing yourself for eating a lifetime's worth of red meat in one meal.

8. Spend a night out in Lapa. Sit outside in the open-air seating areas, order an outrageous amount of drinks and food, listen to live samba and just soak it all in. This is Rio.

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