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Our Story

Hey there, welcome to Renegades of Chic! My name's Catherine, and I'm passionate about celebrating amazing women, advancing human rights and continuing my undiagnosed jewellery and accessories addiction. Renegades of Chic is essentially a combination of these three things, but more than anything I hope it's a place where you'll love to spend time discovering beautiful things and the stories behind them.

My background is in public policy and international development, and I've seen first-hand what happens when women are empowered to achieve their full potential. They not only make a better life for themselves and their families, but they bring entire communities along with them. 

While buying beautiful products designed and made by women is a great way of directly contributing to positive change, there are so many other things we can do that don't involve shopping. That's why Renegades of Chic isn't just an online store - it's also a place where you can discover awesome women leading change in their communities and a whole range of organisations working to improve working conditions for home-based artisans, supporting women entrepreneurs and empowering women to lead.

As a feminist, I believe that now more than ever is the time to make our voices heard. To call out injustice, celebrate achievements and support each other in our efforts to make the world a better place for all.

Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting us - we'll go further together than we will alone, and I can't wait to see what we can collectively achieve. Let's do this.

Catherine xx

PS My partner and co-founder, Thiago Siqueira, is responsible for the beautiful images on our site, and is also more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it! If you'd like to find out more about Thiago and his work please visit

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