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Mali and Yaron Millo are the design duo behind Freebird, a boho chic label committed to creating high quality jewellery that can be worn straight from the beach to the bar.  

Mali and Yaron created Freebird as a way of empowering women in developing countries to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Based in Jerusalem, Israel, they travelled to Northern Thailand and lived there for six months to teach local women to make their beautiful macrame designs embellished with silver and gold beads. They have brought together modern design principles and traditional skills to create truly unique and beautiful pieces.


All of Freebird's jewellery is made by women of Laotian heritage living in a small village in the province of Udon Thani in Northern Thailand.  

The sterling silver beads are sourced from the local Karen Tribe who live in the mountains surrounding Chiang Mai.  The Karen have been welding silver by hand for generations, and were appointed as the King's court silversmiths during the Siam dynasty.

All of the women involved in making Freebird's jewellery are paid a living wage and work in safe and dignified conditions.  

Mali and Yaron have made sure that production schedules are sustainable for the artisans and allow them to care for their families while still earning a decent income. 


Beyond cultivating rice and sugar cane fields, jobs in this area of Northern Thailand are scarce. The high unemployment rate forces men and women to move away from their families for years at a time to work in Bangkok or other tourist destinations, or even go overseas to work in labour-intensive low-paid jobs.

By providing local women with a steady source of income and allowing them to work from their homes, this enables them to earn an income and keep their families together so they can watch their children grow up - something so many of us take for granted.

You can find our Freebird collection here.

All images courtesy of Freebird

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