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Hallie Grey started Graymarket Design in 2013 after studying textile design and becoming fascinated with the hand-crafted textiles she encountered on travels around India.

Hallie is inspired by a minimal aesthetic, rich colour stories grounded in neutrals and the beautiful imperfections inherent in hand-crafted textile traditions.

Her love of block-printing is evident in all of her work, which beautiful blends modern patterns with organic lines, perfectly complementing the hand-carved teak clocks that are used to bring her designs to life.


Hallie collaborates with a team of artisans in Jaipur, India, to print her hand-drawn designs in small batches on high-quality (and incredibly soft) Indian cotton.

Graymarket Design works with family-run small businesses and ensures all of the artisans are paid a living wage and work in safe and dignified conditions.  

By working directly with artisans and producing her designs in small batches, Hallie stays connected to the creation process and forms long-lasting friendships on her regular visits to India. 


By choosing to work with small, family-run businesses, Graymarket Design is supporting stable and safe employment for artisans in Jaipur, India which benefits both the artisans and their families.

By honouring the tradition of block-printing, which dates back to the 12th century, Graymarket Design is ensuring this incredible skill continues for generations to come. Hallie also works with a 4th generation tassel-tying family in Rajasthan, helping to keep cultural traditions and handicrafts alive. You can find our Graymarket Design collection here.

All images courtesy of Graymarket Design

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