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Jewellery Care

Caring for brass jewellery

All brass jewellery purchases come with a complimentary polishing cloth, which has been specially treated and is non-scratching so your jewellery will remain as gorgeous as the day you bought it!  Following these tips will also help keep your brass jewellery super-shiny:

  • Never shower or swim with your brass jewellery on.  Water, especially city water, can be harsh on metals. 
  • Put your jewellery on after you apply moisturiser, perfume, make-up and other beauty products. The chemicals in these products can react with the metals, potentially changing their color and finish.
  • Avoid storing your brass jewellery in the bathroom, as humidity is a major cause of tarnish.
  • When you aren't wearing your piece often, store it in a pouch or plastic, air-tight bag, separately from your other jewellery.  You could also include an anti-tarnish strip for extra protection.

If you lose your polishing cloth and would like a replacement, please contact us at for pricing and postage details.  Alternatively, if you're feeling crafty, you can c ut a slice of lemon and sprinkle salt on it. Rub the lemon slice over your piece, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.   For tougher tarnish, make a paste from baking soda, lemon and water. Use an old toothbrush, cloth or any soft bristle brush to apply the paste. Brush, rinse and dry.

Caring for bone and horn jewellery

As bone and horn are extremely durable materials, they require little care and maintenance.  To restore colour and shine, apply coconut or jojoba oil with a clean soft cloth.  Avoid storing bone and horn jewellery in direct sunlight.

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