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Co-founders Kohl, Travis and Stewart learned how to crochet when they were in high school, and started selling beanies to their friends. While they were in college, they travelled all over the world, volunteering and learning how they could best be of service to people living in poverty.

After a trip to Uganda, the message became clear - people wanted to work and provide for themselves and their families. They didn't need others to do that for them, they just needed an opportunity to do it for themselves. The guys returned to Uganda with a mission to provide that opportunity. They started teaching women to crochet, and Krochet Kids International was born.


Starting with just ten women in 2011, Krochet Kids now works with 150 women in Northern Uganda and 50 women in Peru. Every single product is signed by the woman who made it, and you can write her a personal thank you note which is hand-delivered by Krochet Kids.

Beyond providing fair wages and a safe and dignified work environment, Krochet Kids provide mentorship and an education program. The aim is to not only provide decent work, but also enable the women they employ to gain the skills and experience they need to go on to build their own independent careers. 


Krochet Kids are serious about measuring the impact of their work, and the results speak for themselves. Women working with Krochet Kids grow their personal income by ten times, their savings levels increase by 25 times, they're 40% less likely to be physically abused and 25% more likely to participate in major family decisions.

And it doesn't stop there. Their families are five times more likely to have access to health care when they're sick, and their children are eight times more likely to attend high school. You can check out our Krochet Kids collection here.

All images courtesy of Krochet Kids

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