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After travelling around Europe and Central America, high school friends Alia Sunderji and Christine Orton were inspired to create a brand with artisans at its core. 

They've combined their love of boho-chic design and respect for artisans to create Liv + Lola, where ethics meets aesthetics. And they love monochrome - these women can do no wrong! 

When they're not travelling around Central America sourcing materials and meeting artisans, Alia lectures in Sustainable Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Vancouver, Canada and Christine works at an eco-yoga retreat in Northern Nicaragua. These women are the real deal.


Alia and Christine work with independent artisans and member-owned weaving cooperatives in Guatemala and Nicaragua, in both urban and rural areas.

All of the artisans making Liv + Lola's products are paid fair wages and work in safe and dignified conditions.

This gives them the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their families, as well as preserving incredible weaving skills for generations to come.


People living in Guatemala and Nicaragua generally experience high levels of poverty, and good jobs are hard to find. By paying fair wages and choosing to work with independent artisans and worker-owned cooperatives, Liv + Lola is supporting local businesses to grow, which benefits whole communities.

Liv + Lola use locally sourced cotton and yarn to create their stunning pieces, and use organic cotton wherever possible. This supports local producers and the local economy. You can find our Liv + Lola collection here.

All images courtesy of Liv + Lola

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