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Based in Sydney, Australia, Robyn Jones left her career in advertising and started Mama Maya to make a difference - a product with purpose.  

As a mum to two gorgeous little boys, Robyn had experienced the mass consumerism that goes along with having baby, and found most products to be poorly made and mass-produced in questionable working conditions.

Robyn decided to create products that are beautiful, high quality, ethically made and incredibly useful, using only organic materials. The result is Mama Maya, your new go-to brand for beautiful baby essentials.


Every single person involved in making Mama Maya wraps is paid a living wage - from the farmer growing the cotton to the seamstress putting the finishing touches on each wrap, every step is fair trade certified.

Workers are able to send their kids to school, access health care and have a say in how the fair trade premium is spent to improve their community

And it doesn't stop there. By using GOTS-certified organic cotton, Mama Maya is making a positive impact on our environment. Organic cotton uses less water than conventional cotton, is grown without toxic pesticides and fertilisers, and improves biodiversity and land quality. 


Beyond making sure everyone involved in making Mama Maya products is taken care of, Robyn is also determined to improve maternal health worldwide. Given that every two minutes, one woman dies of complications related to pregnancy or childbirth, and 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries, it's an incredibly important mission.

By partnering with the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia), Mama Maya is making a difference right from the very start. Every wrap provides funding for at least one clean birthing kit and caregiver training, to ensure at least one other mama worldwide can access a cleaner and safer birth. You can find our Mama Maya collection here.

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