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After studying design at university, Fran Aldea developed a passion for handcrafted products. When she realised that almost all of the products in Chile were mass-produced overseas, and that traditional skills and jobs were being lost as a result, she decided to do something about it and started her own design studio - and we are so glad she did.

Fran quit her job and sought out talented local artisans who could teach her to work in her two favourite materials: ceramics and wool. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Minka Inhouse was born. 


Valentine is Minka Inhouse's ceramic expert, and he's been working with ceramics his entire life. In the beautiful words of Fran, his 'creativity and perfect technique are built in his soul, and have become his personal secret signature'.

Pedro, Ilda, Doris and Bernarda all have expertise in working with wool and pour hard work, love and passion into everything they do.

Together with Fran, these talented artisans make up Minka Inhouse, and create products with soul.


'Minka' means a collective work with a social purpose that benefits the community. By valuing the skills and talents of local artisans, Minka Inhouse is preserving Chile's identity and culture for current and future generations, and showcasing their beautiful creations to the world.

By creating a thriving business using local talent, they're also bringing hope and inspiration back to local industry, so stay tuned for more talented independent creatives building businesses in Chile! You can find our Minka Inhouse collection here.

All images courtesy of Minka Inhouse

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