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Tanja Cesh is a designer and art director, and her love of minimalist and modern design shines through in all of her creations.

After quitting her job as art director for a fashion company in the US, Tanja spent two months in India, Bangladesh and Nepal to understand the pandemic of human trafficking and how best to support those who have escaped and prevent more women from being preyed upon in the future.

The result is Mulxiply, a jewellery and accessories brand employing artisans in Nepal.


Mulxiply's jewellery collection is created in partnership with Yala Mandala, a metal-working studio dedicated to preserving traditional skills and creating dignified work for Nepali artisans (and we love the fact they have a female CFO!).

Tanja discovered the Yala Mandala workshop when she took a wrong turn down an alley in Patan's Durbar Square.

A passion project of jewellery-maker Pravin Chitrakar, he deliberately chose a space with a garden in the middle so artisans could work in an airy space with ventilation and sunshine. 


By providing jobs and fair wages to Nepali artisans, Mulxiply is keeping heritage handicrafts alive, growing the local economy and preventing people from being targeted by human traffickers.

Mulxiply's jewellery collection is deliberately made by men, who are often targeted to work overseas in slavery-like conditions. By providing local jobs to men, Mulxiply is giving them the opportunity to live at home with their families, send their children to school and greatly reducing the risk of their wives and daughters being trafficked. You can find our Mulxiply collection here.

All images courtesy of Mulxiply

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