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Designer and jeweller YiRan Carroll started Sweet Hyena in 2016. Every piece is designed and handmade in YiRan’s studio in Queens, New York.

YiRan’s love for minimalist style is displayed in every piece, as she creates high-quality timeless pieces showcasing the beauty and skill of crafting jewellery by hand.

The name ‘Sweet Hyena’ was inspired by YiRan's experience on safari in South Africa, where she found a new appreciation of the hyena’s abilities and power (they live in a female-dominated society, so they’re obviously doing something right!).


All of Sweet Hyena’s necklaces use 14K gold-filled chain, which is made from a layer of solid gold on another metal and wears like solid gold.

Their pendants and bracelets are made from brass, which takes on a beautiful golden appearance when highly polished. I also love the weight of brass - it feels so solid and will last for years and years to come.


After going on a safari in Kruger National Park, YiRan was reminded that we are all animals, and as such we each have unique and remarkable traits.

In YiRan’s own beautiful words, “there is beauty and wonder in all creatures, and each living thing is equally deserving of some reverence”.

To ensure the natural beauty of Africa is preserved and protected, Sweet Hyena donates $1 from every sale to the African Wildlife Foundation. The Foundation’s mission, together with the people of Africa, is to work to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever.

You can find our Sweet Hyena collection here.

First and second images courtesy of Sweet Hyena

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