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Do you want to have your say in what we include in the Renegades of Chic collection, get exclusive access to pre-orders and win fabulous prizes?

Welcome to Style Insiders!

Style Insiders is your opportunity to tell us what you love, what you like, and what you wouldn’t be caught dead in (but maybe you’d give it to a friend’s girlfriend who you feel obliged to buy a birthday present for but have secretly never forgiven for spilling red wine on your silk top three years ago. No judgment - your resentment is completely justified - but yes you still need to buy her a present). 

Who can join? Anyone with fabulous style (i.e. you).

What do I have to do? Respond to our Style Surveys - don’t worry, they’ll be fun and easy enough to do after two glasses of wine and a long day at work.

What’s in it for me? You’ll be able to pre-order items before they hit the website and go in the draw to win some pretty great prizes every time you complete a Style Survey (hint: prizes may be wine-related).

Can't you just install apps on the website that tell you what we like? Sure, but frankly I think they're super-creepy and would prefer to hear it straight from you!

I’m in, where do I sign? Yay! I was hoping you’d say yes - just enter your email address below and we’ll take care of the rest. See you soon!


Terms and Conditions

  1. We will never sell any information you provide to us in responding to Style Surveys.
  2. We can’t guarantee all items in the Style Survey will be included in future collections, but we'll always do our best. Availability will depend on suppliers and other factors outside our control. True story: there was recently a pom pom shortage in Nicaragua which meant we couldn’t order some super-cute cushion covers. Devastating.
  3. No upfront payment is required for pre-ordered items that will be included in a future collection. If you’d like to pay in full we’ll return the favour by giving you free shipping, or a 10% discount if your purchase already qualifies for free shipping.
  4. If you’ve said you’d like to pre-order an item which we don’t end up including in a future collection, we’ll contact you to confirm if you’d like us to order one in just for you if the supplier allows us to (sometimes there are minimum quantities for each item). Full payment upfront will be required for these items.
Got more questions? Just send us an email at and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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