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Sisters Sisi and Eleanor King are the founders of ZikoAfrika, a fashion-forward jewellery brand fusing their Kenyan heritage with elements of European design. Sisi and Eleanor have created a stunning collection that celebrates the skill of Kenyan artisans.

I love their commitment to quality, their beautiful minimal lines and the creative flair incorporated into every single design which makes each piece unique and timeless.

In their own words, Sis and Eleanor are about “design-led and responsibly made adornment for the wo(man) that recognises difference and celebrates integration”.


All of ZikoAfrika’s pieces are handcrafted by artisan entrepreneurs and fair labour workshops throughout Kenya.

Using a combination of traditional techniques, including sand-casting and thread-beading, the artisans create beautiful, modern pieces that showcase their skilled artisan heritage.

Every artisan is paid a living wage, and all of the workshops that Sisi and Eleanor partner with are providing valuable employment and training opportunities ensuring artisans can build a better life for themselves and their families.


Sand-cast moulds have been used to shape metals for thousands of years. Molten recycled brass is poured into a mould of baked sand and molasses to produce a basic cast. The rough piece is then ground down and sanded by hand, before being polished to a high shine.

Sisi and Eleanor also started experimenting with incorporating Perspex into their designs, and we’re so glad they did! The result is a lightweight and sleek addition to their brass pieces. ZikoAfrika’s Perspex pieces are cut in the heart of Nariobi, Kenya before being hand-polished by artisans to give a smooth, reflective finish.

You can find our ZikoAfrika collection here.

All images courtesy of ZikoAfrika

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